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Saint Mary's parish lost a beautiful soul last year due to complications during childbirth. Evelyn was her name and she sacrificed her own life to give life a little baby named, Innocent. Please keep the family of Evelyn in your prayers.

Every day in Uganda, fifteen women will die from pregnancy or complications caused during childbirth. Also, 94 babies are stillborn and 81 newborn babies will die each day. This adds up to approximately 69,400 deaths each year in Uganda due to complications during pregnancy, childbirth and in the first month. Many of these deaths could be prevented with proper medical care. The mothers’ deaths are often caused by either hemorrhage/bleeding, hypertension, or sepsis. The babies will die mainly due to premature births, complications at birth and neonatal infections.

43% of all child births in Uganda happen in the homes. Father Andrew Kantende of Saint Mary's parish wants to build a clinic for expecting mother to provide the required medicines such as antiseptics and antibiotics, vital equipment and a clean environment to work in. This clinic will serve to save the lives of nearly-born and newborn babies on their first day and the lives of expecting mothers.

The construction of this clinic is estimated to be $10,000 USD and it will be built on the Catholic diocese property. Please consider joining Church Builders in helping Father Andrew with this life-saving project.  God bless!