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Mission of Hope

Gode Catholic Mission is at the frontiers of the Gospel proclaimed through works of love. Apart from single mothers and their children, we try to assist women caught up in prostitution, often lured here under the pretext of finding work. The plight of women, under subjugation due to cultural or religious practices, or the suffering of households abandoned by fathers and husbands means that women are left to survive on their own, often with three or more children. HIV, tuberculosis in the general population, and malnutrition in children prevails.

The Mission seeks out marginalised women, who at present number 30 and their children (56), offering training in weaving, which we hope will become a means of self-sustenance. During the training period of the women, we give an informal education to their children, teaching them basic reading and writing. Time spent with us is often one of discovering their humanity and recovering from the many traumas both women and children have suffered. We are also able to accompany many of the women who are pregnant assisting them at birth with our presence and care for their other children.. We provide breakfast and lunch for everyone in the mission, Monday to Friday.

There are elderly people in the town, abandoned by their families who have gone to look for work elsewhere; we visit, helping with their nutrition and medical needs; we also visit people in the hospital who have no means to pay for medication, or no family to help them while they are sick.

Sr Mary Joachim, who was a member of Mother Teresa’s sisters for more than 30 years, felt called to leave the Missionaries of Charity in search of a way to live closer to the poor. Initially beginning with the mentally challenged in the Philippines she answered a request of a local Bishop responsible for the Somali Region in Ethiopia, to assist a lone priest at the service of the poorest. Although the fide donum priest was later recalled to his diocese, sister has remained and developed the work with vulnerable women, and their children.

 Sr M Joachim is now an oblate of the Sisters of Mary Morning Star and works with young catholic lay men and women in the mission, since she has no religious community. Her passion is to bring the Good News of God’s love in this non-Christian part of the world through works of love and compassion. The absence of daily Holy Mass is not easy for her, but  as she says, this is the price to be paid so that people can know that they are loved!

Gode Catholic Mission

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Sister Mary Joachim Brown