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Saint John's Hospital - Tanzania

Church Builders has adopted a new hospital project in Tanzania. Saint John's Hospital hospital recently lost its funding. Many of the doctors and nursing staff have continued to work without pay. The hospital's secretary provided us with the following information.

1.On May 2018, the hospital had 9 physicians. Of those, 4 were medical doctors, 1 was a assistant medical officer and 4 were clinical officers, not including nurses and other semi skilled staff.

2.On May 2018, the hospital had done 59 surgeries.

3.Total of 1,710 filled prescriptions in the hospitals pharmacy as of May 2018.

4.Hospital has a bed capacity of 130 beds

5.Lugarawa village has population of 5,200 people, Lugarawa ward has population of 10,848 and Ludewa district has total population of 153,294.

6. Last year, Saint John's Hospital served 16,102 patients where 11,861 were outpatient cases and 4,241 were inpatient cases.

To learn more about this hospital, you can visit their website at http://www.lugarawa.org/SJH/PAG/SJH_Hospital.php

Thank you video from Saint John's Hospital

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