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       Lunchtime at Kizito Family in Haiti

              Sister Paesie 

Founder of Kizito Family School

              Sister Paesie working in Haiti

Saint Kizito Family Orphans

Sister Paesie is a French Nun who founded the Kizito Family in Haiti.  Her passion is to help the children in the slums get food and give them an education up to the fourth grade. The Kizito Family has built schools and orphanages. After the fourth grade, her foundation will help the students with school fees in public schools. Sister Paesie lives in the City Soleil, the largest slum area of the northern hemisphere.  Church Builders is going to add the Kizito Family to our list of Church Builders Charity work and try to solicit donors in support of the great work Sister Paesie is doing in Haiti. Sister said, “Just $10 will feed a child for a month, the problem is they have around 2500 children who need food.”  She said many of these children will go for 3 days without eating a meal. And when they do get a meal, it may be nothing more than a glass of water with some sugar mixed into it. Very sad situation there with all the corruption and crime.  But through it all she said the children will always give to her the biggest smiles.

If you would like to send support to Sister Paesie’s work, please donate here or mail a check to Church Builders Inc at P.O. Box 9035, Boise, ID 83707. Please tag your donation as "Kizito Family."