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Saint Kizito Family School

The schools of the Kizito Family educate poor and even poorer children.

Every day new children are entrusted to the Kizito Family for schooling.

The sisters and a team of volunteers give them food and offer them the basics of school learning, dance, football, catechism, judo, various other activities within: 

Non-Formal Education centers  (remedial and upgrading courses for children who have not been to school)
small schools  and  canteens
extra-curricular activity centers  (dance, football, sewing, embroidery, drawing, tutoring)

The sisters make a point of taking the children on a weekend/retreat and letting them take in the country air and “see a bit of grass”.

              Sister Paesie 

Founder of Kizito Family School

Kizito Family Classroom in Haiti

School Projects