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Alice Nyaboke has two children and has no place to stay. She is a single mother. She manages to keep up with her life by making peoples hair and the shop she uses is where she stays. She needs help to get herself a manageable place where she can take care of herself and her two children.

Family #CBI0019
This is the family of Komakech live in a village called Agago in northern Uganda.  A few years back the peaceful family lifestyle was disturbed by the Kony rebel fighters. The family was displaced and were living in constant fear of being abducted. This caused the education of the children in this family to be interrupted. Your help in getting this family back on track would be such a great blessing to them. Thank you and God bless you.

Family #CBI0009
Judith Amino has one girl, single mother. She needs help in paying rent, taking care of her family’s basic needs and taking her child to school. She cleans a school compound to manage her daily life.

This is the family of Ugorie Friday in Nigeria. Mr. Friday is a good Christian man with a lovely family. Mr. Friday is craftsman but prefers working for the Lord. He is doing great things to spread the Truth of Jesus Christ in his own country and around the world. He is a missionary for Church Builders Incorporated and we want to support him as he serves Our Lord.

Family #CBI0011
Sylvia Wachiye , she is a widow with two children and a grandchild. Her daughter has just finished university but has no employment taking care of everything in general is so difficult while there is no income in the house. Sylvia will be helping Church Builders Inc. with the communication between families. She is very helpful to us when we need her help she is ready to offer it. She is the one who has given us the information about all these beautiful families. It is unfortunate that she is infected with HIV but she really does all she can to help, which is so nice of her.

Family #CBI0013  SPONSORED
Aurelia Kankindi is a refugee with a huge family, children, and grandchildren. It is very difficult to maintain good life conditions without a job, especially in a foreign country. She needs help in paying house rent, feeding her family, and as well as making sure her children gets an education.

Family #CBI0020  SPONSORED
This is the family of Arshad Pervaiz who live in Pakistan.  This family has many hardships. They are renting a home that is in very poor condition with mud walls. When it rains, water comes into the rooms. Both parents are sick. The father has tuberculosis and the mother is ill with diabetes. Their two daughters and son need support with their school fees and supplies.

Family #CBI0017
This is the family of Ndagire Irene. The mother of Irene (right of photo) is herself an orphan who became a mother at a very young age. The father of Irene died at a young age when Irene was just a 1-year-old. The elderly lady in this photo is the only remaining relative of Irene's mother who lives with Irene and her mother. She is the sister to Irene's grandmother.

Although Irene's mother wants to provide her child with a good education, she is finding it very difficult to raise the resources needed by herself without a permanent good paying job. Please consider sponsoring Irene's family living in Uganda so Irene can continue her educations.

Family #CBI0014
Century Nyiransabimana with her children.  She is a single mother and manages life by running a small scale business. She needs help in paying rent and taking her children to school as well as basic needs.

Lucy  Kaluki  is a single mother and needs help in paying rent, taking care of her basic needs, and taking her children to school.

Family #CBI0015
This is the family of Nakate Florence in Uganda. Florence is the eldest child in this family and is 17-years-old. She is the one on the right in this photo with the green school uniform. Her mother and five of her seven siblings are standing with her. This family has lost their father and they are trying manage on their own. Florence is a very good student at St. Theresa school, ranking 9 out of 229 students. The private school she attends has very high tuition fees.

Family #CBI0006
Patricia Wafula is a single mother who does small business. She has one son and struggles taking care of all the expenses that she faces in her life. She needs help in taking care of the place she stays, paying rent, and taking her son to school.

This is the family of Diana Anyango.  Diana has two daughters. Their father died 9 years ago due to pneumonia and left them struggling to put food on the table as well as pay for school fees. Both daughters are in High School. One is in form one and the other is in form three. The mother has no business but at times will sell fish when in season.

Family #CBI0007
Rose Mwangi is a single mom with one son, She needs help in paying rent, taking her son to school and basic needs in her life.

Family #CBI0012
Uwimana Denise is a refugee and tries hard to maintain life in a foreign country, her son has just finished high school, but she has no money to further his education for college. She needs help in paying house rent, and taking care of her family needs.