Family #CBI0001  SPONSORED
Her name is Risper Atieno, she is an orphan and has a son.  She is struggling to manage her day to day life since she has no job. She needs help in paying the house rent, buying food, and taking care of her son especially taking him to school.

Family #CBI0005
Juliet Nafula, she is a single mother of one child. She has no job and deeds help in taking care of her basic needs and paying rent as well as taking her child to school.

Please consider a monthly offering to one of these Church Builder families. You cannot imagine how your charity will change the lives of one of these families. Unlike other non-profits, 100% of your monthly giving will be sent directly to your family. You will be able to communicate as much or as little as you would like. We want to encourage a relationship between Christian families of two very different cultures. Discover the joy that you will receive by helping the vulnerable children of God. God Bless!

Let’s work together to build the Kingdom of God.

Family Sponsorship

Church Builders Incorporated is blessed to have as Board Members, Bahoze and Christine. This beautiful couple has a strong passion to help families from their old Catholic parish in Kenya. Bahoze and Christine were refugees from the African country of Congo and lived in Kenya for several years. They now live in Boise and are parishioners of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  They have seen the hopelessness of many families living in Kenya. These families face the pressures of poverty, lack of employment, the AIDS epidemic, poor sanitation, huge numbers of orphans, climate change, lack of irrigation and clean drinking water. These are just some of the problems which families are experiencing everyday.

With the help of Bahoze and Christine, we are reaching out and connecting with some of these vulnerable families who are living in Kenya. Father Tony in Kenya, and a lady named Silvia, will assist Church Builders in bringing the love and hope of Christ into the families of this parish community. We will do it by showing love to one Christian family at a time.

Church Builders Inc. is a faith based ministry dedicated to improving the quality of life of the world's poorest communities. By becoming a family sponsor, you'll be joining us in our pledge to provide food, clean water, education, employment opportunities – but most of all to share the good news we all have received through the hope and faith in Jesus Christ. We are asking for a monthly donation of $50 per month for each family sponsored for a period of five years. This will insure that the family has the minimum amount of money needed for food and shelter.  You will find details of the families below each of their photos.

By forging a connection with an individual family, you can see the effect your donation is having on the life of the family for yourself. At the same time, our focus is in on the Catholic community as a whole and its long-term development. By working closely with a community, we can help them build the skills and knowledge they need to support there family and spread the Gospel message to their friends and family.

Work with Church Builders and become a family sponsor today and start making a difference!

Meet the Families

Family #CBI0002
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ochieng with their children. Both are jobless. They need help in getting food for the family, getting a more comfortable and good place to live as well as paying for it, and taking the children to school.

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Family #CBI0004
Christine Shiundu with her 3 children. She has five kids. Two were in school.  She is a widow and needs help in paying rent and taking care of her basic needs as well as taking care of her children’s educational needs. She sells candy on the streets just to make ends meet every day.

Joyce Wairimu is married but her husband is jobless. She mends people’s clothes outside her house to make ends meet. She needs help in catering for her children and paying for them to be in school. She also needs help in paying the house rent.